First things first. Please page briefly in the VR application in issuu the way presented in VR@GESIS at SPINNEREI Leipzig on November 9, 2019.

ISSUU provides a pagable PDF Magazine format. Search in Google Playstore for publisher Herzstein. pub:Herzstein

Same goes for searching in Apple Store for THE FAKED for you i-Phone.

For downloading the app for OCULUS GO have a look at oculus.thefaked.com



Here the PDFs as separate pages …

From the Android App

The Faked VR gives you the opportunity to see artwork made in opensimulator by using Google Cardboard VR or a compatible headset like Ocular Blue. Such headsets you find in a price range from 10 USD to about 50 USD. To use Google Cardboard VR you need a reasonably good smartphone that shall be not too big in size. Check out the headset specs on dimensions. A Huawei P 30 lite is a good reference.

The app is very easy to use. Nevertheless here comes the instruction page …

You download it, you start it, you slip your smartphone into the headset, you take a seat on a chair you can rotate easily with your body. You move your head around and you see the art world. Then you look down to the floor and you see a menu with circle marks for FAST FLY, FLY, WALK, STOP and TELEPORT HOME. You bring the center dot, which is always visible, to one of the menu elements and you focus on it for two seconds. Then the function, for example FLY, is activated. In FLY you will slowly fly around. Activate STOP to stop moving. This gives you the control to enjoy the world at your own pace.

The quality of the Google Cardboard VR experience depends on a lot of things. You might be disappointed on low resolution, on the lack of light and shadows, on missing interactivity. On the otherhand, you are a pioneer of a new age in the arts.


The app THE FAKED VR runs also on Google VR Daydream. You find it in the app store under the name THE FAKED VR DAYDREAM. Google stopped the support of Daydream so we decided not to add specific functions on the Cardboard App. The LENOVO Daydream is a fine VR Headset, much better than you might think. The controller works fine and it gives a good impression for the art installation, but we think the user base for Daydream is right now too small for creating a navigation system different from the Cardboard app. Nevertheless in case you have a budget we are happy to set up a project on it.

The future of THE FAKED is outlined in REZSKY magazine or in one of my books.

The App is really an easy go. Please keep in mind that we run the app on Beta and that it is version I. We don’t compete with the real art that is in opensimulator. In opensimulator you will need an account which gives you an avatar that you will have to learn how to use. The Faked VR is for the purpose of showing a glimpse of a virtual art world and to give an idea of what it would be like, hoping to encourage you to join a true and real world of immersive interactive art, such as the Hypergrid network.

About THE FAKED VR Google Cardboard App

For transferring opensimulator to Unity, the tool used was created by Austin Tate, Professor of Computer Science at the Universitiy of Edinburgh and a team at the University of Tokyo. For transferring Unity to Google Cardboard the Unity App Developer has been used.

Credits to the artists are given by the WEBLINK function inside the application and on the website kitsune.thefaked.com


Kitsune is a legendary fox that the Japanese artist AYUKI created in opensimulator. Out of this creation a bigger story was made. It spans along with the Pictures for Hope initiative by Peter Seibt and The temple of the Nomads by Venus Adored. In addition, it also points to Global warming and the predicted loss of the state of Tuvalu in an arrangement by Kunst Red.


THE FAKED is a registered embassy of THE WRONG Biennale, the biggest art show in the digital world. It is also a preshow to 1BIENNALE and the IMMERSIVA at SANTORINI BIENNALE.

THE FAKED is curated by Art Blue, a creation by KUNST BLUE and ERVARE. Check from time for updates. This wordpress site might be in the future not the actual one, it might become historical over time.

About the code:

The programmer of the App is Georg, a 21-year old developer with a Bachelor degree in AI from the University of Malta. He is the son of the editor of REZSKY magazine, Kunst Blue. Georg is known in games like LOL or Fortnight as Herzstein. There is no tracking or spam code added in The Faked VR and no permission needed to use it. However, what data Google or Unity collects, we don’t know.

Artists in the app:

KITSUNE – a giant fox created by the Japanese artist Ayuki.
TUVALU – a message on Global Warming by Kunst Red [USA].
TEMPLE OF THE NOMADS – presenting paintings by Swiss artist Peter Seibt in an advanced light cube system by Venus Adored [Netherlands].
CLOUD ATLAS – a surreal installation by Space Cadet [USA] combining an medieval house facade with a big blue cube.
PLAN 9 – a needle ship that travels in the Mercatoria hypergrid created by Exy Atreides [England].
THE ASL ROBOT – a noob signing in a unknown language by Art Eames [Germany] who did the scripting in opensimulator.
ART BLUE – a blue and a red alien sculpture made by Venus Adored symbolizing the visitors of the installation. It outlines also educational aspects for art students, art teachers and persons curating digital art.
The art world was arranged by Juliette Surreal-D, who worked as co-curator in 1Biennale 2018.