THE TAROT GARDEN Mystical Journey, made by SecondHand Tutti [SH Tutti], is the first full world that was exported to Google Cardboard.

Originally SH Tutti created The Tarot Garden as part of a Linden Endowment of the Art Land Grant [LEA17] program. When that closed, she brought it to opensimulator in a new setting, called THE TAROT SPIRAL. Enjoy watching a YouTube machinima by WizardOz Chrome of the original creation The Tarot Garden, which will give you a first impression of this stunning art installation.

The Tarot Spiral is a heavy prim based world. Having learned how to do the transfer of such a world into Cardboard, we are developing a concept for future transfers into VR Headsets like Oculus Go. The Tarot Spiral app is kept mainly for educational purposes.

If your smartphone does not have a high-end processor, you may experience lag when flying [FF] or walking [W]. The Teleport function [T] will bring you back to the landing point. There you may easily focus on one of the four eggs to be teleported to a scenic views point and move on from there to explore the art installation.

When you enter the world seek out to the four eggs and your journey may begin.

Some words about immersive worlds that are being transferred to Google Cardboard: As said the The Tarot Spiral started as an experiment that we decided to keep online in Google Playstore mainly for educational purposes and as an historic milestone. The world was originally created in Second Life, then recreated and remodeled in Opensimulator, then imported to Unity and then exported to Google Cardboard. We experienced some glitches in transparent and semi-transparent textures, in prim sculpties and in heavily twisted prims. Also, some objects rebelled on being transferred. This could be a database permission, a hypergrid texture reference issue, but at the end of the day we said, “Who will notice?” This said we lost about 20 objects out of 5,000. Having learned a lot we now offer seminars to deal with the situation. Tops are: Water, light, textures, transparency, navigation, hidden objects, world in world boxing [like it was done in THE FAKED VR, The Temple of Kitsune].

The next project we launch is WORLD IN A FRIDGE. The design of this project fits already to the journey of bringing art made in opensimulator to VR Headsets, no matter if Google Cardboard, Daydream or Oculus. If you are a creator, then join World in a Fridge.