THE FAKED is an embassy in THE WRONG Biennale, the biggest art show in the world. In 2019/2020 THE WRONG Biennale eached 2,000 artists and 180 curators. This WordPress page is intended as a backup page for some content that might otherwise get lost over time.

In case you are interested in THE FAKED VR app developed for Android smartphones with Google Cardboard by Herzstein then go to Google Playstore and search for pub:Herzstein

In case you interested in the artistic message that is behind THE FAKED then you may download a PDF we created for the Grand Opening of THE FAKED embassy on November 9, 2019 at SPINNEREI, Leipzig.


Behind is a longer story. It started in 1977 with A LIVING DOOR by Marina Abramovic and Ulay, a milestone in performing arts. The curators of 1Biennale Art Blue and Juliette invited artists to take the ideas and to transform it for the 1Biennale 2020. During the creation process, the call for THE WRONG Biennale came in. Also Art Blue got citizenship by NSK, the stateless state of Art, proclaimed by Laibach at the Venice Biennale 2017. To reflect on the name of the art group – New Slovenian Kunst – he took as his legal name Kunst Blue combining real and virtual elements in one name. At Ars Electronica 2019 Art Blue got membership of the state of Uzupis, the state beyond the river. These and more unexpected attention that was gained by former projects promoting virtual immersive art lead to the creation of KATATONENKUNST, which you see now in THE FAKED.



You may wonder why I use the free WordPress edition that comes with ADs? I use it as a backup for a reason. Currently I run over 1,000 domains and 20 servers, one is I know my time will come when I have to reduce it. The art foundation I am in charge right now will change when I am no longer. I am aware a new generation will set different targets and dump a lot of things I care about. When I look at my grandfathers life Georg Schneeberger being a free spirit and a fighter for the truth at the time of the First and Second World War (and after it working in the German Labor Union) I have only one piece left of him which I will try to make re-known: Der Bayerische Wüstenkönig [The Bavarian King of the Desert, published 1921]. I will republish the story he wrote about his youth.

For you I have a blank book to write your story.


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